Thursday, March 11, 2010

Suffering from C.O.L.D.

It's a beautiful day outside. Just the type of day I've been waiting for all winter long. The sun is shining. Robins are on the lawn. The trees have a slight (just a very slight) green haze to them. It smells like spring and I can feel the earth coming alive. I ache and itch to accomplish. I feel like I am coming alive after a long dreary winter too. But I am a C.O.L.D. sufferer. Weighted down by the heavy burden of my disease. Unable to move. Literally trapped in my chair. And on this beautiful spring day when I could be up and moving and accomplishing all sorts of wonderful things I sit here. A victim of Cat On Lap Disease.

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Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Book reviews. Please!
I'm glad you're blogging again.